This course has been developed by (Prof Amita Chatterjee Professor,School of Cognitive Science, Jadavpur University).The Pi of this subject is (Prof.Raghuramaraju Adluru
Professor, Department of Philosophy,University of Hyderabad)and team members/contenr writers are (Smita Sirker, (Department of Philosophy, Jadavpur University) || R. C. Pradhan, (Department of Philosophy, University of Hyderabad) || Nivedita Gangopadhyay, (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Institut für Philosophie II Department) || Amita Chatterjee, (Department of Cognitive Science, Jadavpur University) || Geeta Ramana, (Department of Philosophy, University of Mumbai) || Shyamasree Bhattacharyya, (Department of Philosophy, University of Calcutta) || Nirmalya Narayan Chakraborty, (Department of Philosophy, Rabindra Bharati University) || Maushumi Guha, (Department of Philosophy, Kolkata, Jadavpur University) || Pushpa Mishra, (Former Principal, Bethune College, Kolkata) || Madhuchhanda Sen, (Department of Philosophy, Jadavpur University) || Atreyee Mukherjee, (Department of Philosophy, West Bengal State University)).This course is being offered/adopted by this university