This course has been developed by (Prof Yagati Chinna Rao
Professor, CSDE / SSS / JNU and Tezpur University).The Pi of this subject is (Prof.Gopalan Ravindran
Professor, Head of Dept. of Journalism and Communication, University of Madras, Chepauk Campus, Chennai)and team members/contenr writers are (Amiya Kumar Das, (Tezpur University) || Padmidi Hagier, (Tezpur University) || Prafulla Kumar Nath, (Assam University) || Prarthana Baruah, (Cotton University) || Kuntala Dowarah, (Cotton University) || Obja Borah Hazarika, (Dibrugarh University) || Sarmistha Das, (Tezpur University) || Kuheli Das, (Dibrugarh University) || Yagati Chinna Rao, (CSDE,SSS, JNU) || Piyashi Dutta, (Amity University) || Jenifer Sahin Hussain, (Dibrugarh University) || Namami Sharma, (Tezpur University)).This course is being offered/adopted by this university